About Us


Why are we called "Formosa" and what does it mean?

In 1542, a group of Portuguese sailors on their way to Japan, found the island which wasn't marked on the maps. Stunned by the beauty of the island, they screamed "IHLA FORMOSA", which means beautiful island in Portuguese. Since then the island was called "Formosa", which today is known as Taiwan. Even though, Chinese and Japanese already called this island as Taiwan for couple centuries, Western civilizations marked this island on maps as Formosa for long time. Only after WWII, the name of "Taiwan" was accepted by western cultures and changed on the maps.

Because of its climate and mountains, Taiwan has the perfect condition to grow tea. This country makes a lot of high-quality tea, which are known as "Formosa Tea".

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is also known as Bobba Tea or Pearl tea. It is a Taiwanese Tea drink which was found in 1980s. It was wildly accepted in restaurants and tea shops in Taiwan, soon it conquer Asia, Australia, and later USA, south America and Europe.
Bubble Tea is made from freshly brew teas, along with variety of syrups, juice, milk, creamer, powder, and the special toppings, such as tapioca pearl, jelly pieces and others are added.

What is Tapioca Pearls?

Tapioca Pearls are made from cassava roots, and brown sugar. Starch from cassava roots is one of the cleanest type of starch in the world. Cassava roots is gluten free and it contains no fat! Cooked pearls' texture is chewy and it will remind you of gummy bears!

We only use the original tapioca pearls, and cook it fresh every couple hours!